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Radar gun not charging?

Don Bonnigan

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I have been playig this mod for a couple of days and have been enjoying it, however, I've hit a couple of problems. I've experienced a couple of bugs which it seems others are not having.

First, as the title suggests is the radar gun. I craft one, then place it into the charging bay of the batbox, but it won't charge. Batteries, however charge fine. In the popular voltz series with Duncan from the Yogscast, he places a radar gun in the batbox, and it charges no problem.

The second issue is the thermometer block. In Duncan's series, and on the wiki, the recipe is a thermal meter surrounded by steel ingots. However, in my game, the recipe is an explosive cart surrounded by steel ingots. The thermal meter doesn't even appear in my game.

I don't know what the problem is. I'm using the reccomended build. (1.0.11). Is this problem a well known bug or is my copy of Voltz stuffed?

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Little advice don't ever bump your own threads. This isn't a chan site. XD

I'm just getting back into Voltz after I did a week on a Tekkit Server. I can see if I can confirm your issue for you by loading up a couple of my worlds.

In the meantime you could always post a Bug Report in the Offical Section: http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/voltz-bug-board.69/

If it does end up being your Voltz Installation I would refer to this thread to reintall the Technic Laucher for a clean build: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/duplicate.37249/#post-308823

Hope that helps.

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