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Missing Mods help? Please


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I'm at my wit's end guys, I'm just trying to make a small server for me and my friend. After many and many bad attempts and fuck ups, all I need now is to add some mods.

Where can I get these mods?

mod_buildCraftTransport 2.214

mod_additionalpipes 2.1.3 (minecraft 1.2.5, buildcraft 2.214, Forge


mod_buildcraftenergy 2.2.14

mod_buildcraftcore 2.2.14

mod_buildcraftbuilders 2.2.14

mod_computercraft 1.33

mod_ccSensors MC1.2.5 build017pr1

mod_CCturtle 1.33


mod_IC2_chargingBench 1.95b

mod_Railcraft 5.3.3

mod_tubestuff 49.1.2

mod_Immichunkloaders rev3.2

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Your problem isn't that you need to install mods, the launcher does that. The problem is that you've selected a different modpack to run than the server is running. Looking at the modlists of Tekkit Lite and Tekkit Classic, you're trying to connect to a Classic server with the Lite modpack.

In the launcher, just select "Tekkit Classic" instead of "Tekkit Lite", and it should work.

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