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[3.1.2] Crimscraft [PVP/PVE][62 Slots][McMMO,Essentials,Money Drop][EE2 Disabled][WIP]


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Server Information

  • IP:
  • Teamspeak: voice.gamespeak.com:9129 (shared server).
  • forum: http://www.crimscraft.com
  • uptime: 24/7 but we just opened the server, so if you log in and find no one on, don't get discouraged. We're in the process of populating the server.


  • We're an adult orientated server. We don't have concret rules on behavior. Moderation is the key.
  • Don't destroy any of the public works - spawn, warp areas, town infastructure.
  • If an moderator tells you to stop doing something, do it. If you feel they were in the wrong, talk to an admin. If an admin tells you to stop, then stop!
  • No bots, no hacking, nothing automated beyond game mechanics.
  • PVP is allowed but any behavior considered harassment will be dealt with switftly.
  • Stealing is permitted (that's why they make safe boxes).
  • Nukes are banned, nuclear reactors ok. We only ask if you think your reactor is about to go critical we ask you to give us enough time to warp everyone over and enjoy the fireworks.
  • Factions Enabled - Cost $5000 to start a faction
  • Rules may change at any time and up to Admin's discretion.

Official Rules post can be found at http://www.crimscraft.com/rules/

Removed Content

  • World Anchors, Nukes, and EE2 is completely disabled. We want to make a player economy and EE2 would completely destroy that.


This isn't the complete list of plugins we'll have installed on the server. We eventually hope to use factions or towny advanced. Just not enough people yet to justify having that discussion. We are also open to suggestions. If you know of a plugin that would bring content to our server we'll be more then happy to look into it.

Plugins under consideration: McJobs, Towny Advanced, Factions


Donors get special perks on our server. Doesn't take much to become a donor. $5 via paypal gets you access to home warp command and some other goodies. Increased donations get you access to personal protected areas, items, McMMO stats, money, and priority on our server. We're not looking to get rich, but we'd love to have extra funds available to increase server performance and more player slots. More information on donors can be found at http://www.crimscraft.com/donor/

Personal Notes

We are a small team atm (2 of us total). We're looking for builders, moderators, casual players that can be patient as we develop the server. We'd love to have a system in place soon that will please the pvp and pve crowd. Duel player economies - one based on money and another based on trade using industrial craft items. The admins love building things, we have in store for our users easter egg hunts, incentives for those that like to explore. and plenty of content added all the time.

Bottom line

If you're wishing to get into a server fresh out of the box with a higher chance of possible recruitment into the ranks of management, or just find a nice place to start building on a non crowded server. Crimscraft is the place for you.


Feb 4th 2013: Non donors now get 1 /home location. Warp cooldowns changed to 2 minutes and warp waits now only 10 seconds. This was due to feedback from our first couple of members. New information board at spawn. All new members start off with a tool kit and some other essentials.

Feb 5th 2013: Due to some unfortunate spawn camping by a few visitors, the whole spawn complex is now a pvp free zone (World Guard).

Feb 11th 2013: Factions is operational. Server market is up. Player's market is built and waiting for shops to open up. Player's market is a no pvp zone.


What you see when you first spawn


Spawn City - envision a sprawling town all around spawn. Don't expect it to pop up over night but eventually it should look impressive.


Our massive spawn building, a work in progress. Huge building with huge plans.


Our first city, made by Pegasen. Lots of room for people to set up shop and call it home.



One of many warps we plan to add. Each warp location will have some sort of unique building associated with it. Just to add to the flavor.


Our server market located in the spawn complex. Prices are set at EMC value so technically really expensive. We did that on purpose to give players room to open their own shops and not have the competition from the server.


Player's Market is now open for business and waiting shop owners. Small stalls go for $2000 while the bigger ones go for $5000. Act now to get the best spots! Market can be accessed by the warp market . /warp market

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Added more pictures and updated plugins list to include Factions. Though, a core set of players have expressed interest in changing over to Towny. We're discussing that now.

Server market is up and the Player's market complex is waiting new shop keepers.

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HEY GUYz AND GIRLz I've Been playing on this server alote AND WOW! It Is AMAZING. To the side of faction war...If you see this comment im on the server every now and then say hello to the admins .And Drop by SPYEETACO's DRINKS&DRUGS. This is the BEST tekkit server ive seen ever

join now!

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