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  1. Wonderful server! Very little lag, well-structured and thought out economy and spawn looks fantastic right now. Also - saw Towny in considered plugins? YES PLEASE!
  2. Misinformation in the title. PvP only in self defense is not [PvP].
  3. Since we are quite talkative individuals and you OBVIOUSLY don't like that sort of thing in anyway, since you'd very clearly consider it 'spam' and 'dissing the server', we're not coming back. I would put it in less polite terms, but at least you made an effort with that last post, so I will as well.
  4. Are you stupid? Sorry to be so blunt, but honestly. I said 'lag' to test if the server was freezing or not - items weren't dropping and we could still hear eachother on Skype - and my friend noted the lag as well - that's why he replied. We discussed it for a bit, then you went on about tps... then we said it was nothing about that because the server FROZE for a second. Not like it's anything bad, but just a temporary freeze. We said NOTHING about the server lagging - I even said that it was nothing to do with server lag. We were 'stiting there' discussing the 'lag' for all of 10 seconds. In fact, we took great pains after you appeared so offended, to ensure that you knew that it wasn't lag, it was a freeze. A server hiccup. Like what happens after someone does a large worldedit. And as for the clientside lag, I am TRULY offended that you think I cannot determine the difference between clientside FPS lag and server connection lag. I'm not as stupid as you look, y'know. Because it was a one-off. A freeze. Hurr durr. wat is this i dont even So we commented on a momentary freeze which mildly annoyed us because we couldn't mine for about 5 seconds. Suddenly, we're downtalking your server. And how did EE get into this? You're saying people who don't mind a lack of EE will have the best time on your server? Well, to be completely honest, I don't think we'd be anywhere NEAR your server if we were singleminded bastards who only used EE, thank you very much. I've made this point before, but... nevermind, this is just too much stupid for me to take. No you're not.
  5. This server is shit. Well, let me rephrase that. The server is perfect but the STAFF are shit. I just logged in with a friend. We spent about 10 minutes going through all the vote links for the free money, and we went to start gathering wood and supplies. Then, midway through mining, blocks stopped dropping. I had already guessed what had happened, so I typed "lag." to test. I saw nothing. About 5 minutes later, I saw it - and about a second later, this guy with a weird-ass bold name said "19tps." - my friend had also noticed the freeze, however, and said that as well. The weirdo with the bold name then proceeded to say that it wasn't lagging over and over again as we spoke - just as we started chopping trees again, it said I was kicked from the server. Tried to rejoin, "THE BAN HAMMER HAS SPOKEN!" So yeah. Think twice before joining, corrupt and/or downright retarded staff are the bane of any server.
  6. Who died and made you... oh wait...

  7. You're too late, I've already fapped to it. OT: Can you keller anyone who mixes up your and you're? One small step to clean up the internet, one giant leap for... bleh, you get the idea.
  8. Wonderful server, if what I've seen so far is anything to go by. Upon my arrival, the staff were welcoming, warm and helpful - as staff should be. The server is well-made, runs smoothly, and was made with attention to detail - as all servers should be. If this impression is to continue, this may be a server I can spend more than a few weeks on without being hideously bored. :P
  9. pleese follow me. :}

  10. do you have a tekkit server that i could join at all :}

    1. Vitaliy


      Who the fuck are you?

  11. Does anybody know how to do this on a MacBook Pro, version 10.6.8? I've been googling for at least 40 minutes now to no avail. Unable to connect to school WiFi without using the school proxy, and the school proxy requires me to log in to access it. I can log in, but TechnicLauncher doesn't know how. Tried 'How to create a simple batch file' but to no avail. Have no idea how to work this sort of thing. tl;dr - can anyone tell me simple instructions to get past a school proxy with TechnicLauncher on a mac? Cheers.
  12. Uncanny resemblance.

  13. Would like to point out that this is stolen from Woodrow's application, reply #3. Knew I'd seen it somewhere.