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Only OPs can Teleport


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Alright so I've had a plugin called Runecraft for a very long time and it's worked for everyone on my server until a couple months ago. It pretty much stopped working for anyone not OP. I also can't seem to /tp anyone unless they are OP themselves. I then got a plugin called Telepads which also works for OPs, but nobody else. Also the tekkit teleporter itself only works for OPs.

I would assume this has to do with permissions, but I don't have a permissions plugin. I wanted everyone to be able to use these teleporters and telepads (without them being OP).

I am the server owner, I'm not exactly code-savvy, and I don't grasp permissions plugins at all. Looks like jibberish to me.

Any help would be appreciated.

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@ISOForest Odd thing is that I've never used a permissions plugin before and people were able to use runecraft's teleporters without being OPs until a couple of months ago.

But anyway I installed Essentials (Love the default settings, but have no idea how to do anything beyond that), and PermissionsEX. I really absolutely have no idea what to do with a permissions plugin. I want people to be able to use TelePads and Runecraft teleporters, but no /tp commands of any sort. I have a massive arena that you can enter but not exit. Don't want people undermining that with a /tp command.

@Becomplex114 It's actually an old version of Runecraft. Not up to date at all, but neither is my Server. I think my Tekkit runs Minecraft 1.2.5 or something along those lines and I've had this Runecraft plugin since before I even started running Tekkit. I just keep moving the .jar from server to server. lol Might want to try an older version of Runecraft for your Tekkit. I'm not exactly up-to-date with the going-ons with Tekkit, but from what I understand (And I don't understand a lot with this), it hasn't been updated to the latest Minecraft yet.

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I'm actually not sure. I don't need any amazing permissions, I just want people to be able to use teleporters and be able to BE teleported by OPs.

This is what my PermissionsEX looks like.



default: true


- modifyworld.*

Quite drab, I know. I Use TelePads and Runecraft for teleporters and as an OP I use the generic /tp command, but it only works on other OPs.

Telepads Link


I tried adding telepads.use under -modifyworld.* but that didn't seem to have any effect. I use notepad++.

Is there a blanket permission that allows people to be teleported by plugins/ops?

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