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i just started a tekkit classic server,

im looking everywhere and i cant find any info on how to figure out what my IP is Nor what the command is to set the IP, i cannot find any server.properties file, and the help command isnt helping.

please help.

i saved the server and found the properties file, what do i set as the IP, for i do not know what to set it as, i might accidentally make a server that has the same IP as another server.

ok i set the server as MY ip address, but, the server port says its already used, how do i fix this ,what do i set it to? no matter what i set the port to, it says that port is being used or its out of range....

ive looked through pages of threads, and Faqs and even the questions section, i cannot find an answer.

i keep getting the JVM_Bind error...

I am trying to set up the server on my laptop, wirelessly.

someone please help!

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Goto ipchicken.com the I.P on there is your I.P then you need to portfoward through your router for that just open Google (or search engine of your choice) and type in Portfoward (Name of your router) and then that should work if not reply back.

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