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Golden Conductive Pipe blows up if machine stops.


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In Tekkit Classic, they don't blow up if quarry, for example, reached bedrock and then stopped. Teleport pipe will not receive any power even though power is still producing on other side. This is because quarry has reached bedrock.

In Tekkit Lite, when quarry hits bedrock, phased pipe continue to receive power thus causing pipe to thick out and then blow up. I am having trouble with it on pump. When the pump moves its pipe under, it doesn't take any power thus causing golden conductive pipe to thick out and then blow up. Pump is pretty much useless if running Adjustable Electric Engine.

I want to know if this is intended or not? I was using Energy Link in Tekkit Classic and Adjustable Electric Engine in Tekkit Lite, I do not know if this is the reason?

This server's version is 0.5.7.

Thanks in advance!

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"Note: Gold conductive pipes have an energy limit of 1000 MJ/t, exceeding this limit causes the pipe to explode. This limit is very hard to reach except if there is a loop in the circuit, which happens if gold conductive pipes form a square shape, and the energy builds up over a period of time."

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Adjustable Electric Engine is currently running at 100 MJ/t and is feeding to 33 harvesters, 33 planters and 1 Fertilizer. I added pump and golden conductive pipe just getting thick and blow up. I already know about loop and no the pump's set up has no square/loop.

I have added the youtube video in OP to show what is happening. I hope this helps.

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