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Tekkit Lite Server plugin suggestions please!


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Hey guys, i'm looking for a plot/town plugin for MCPC-Plus that supports tekkit "special" blocks.

I currently am running Residence and while it works great for a lot of the features in tekkit i'm stuck on a problem where players can still place but not break microblocks, pipes, wires, etc..

Any suggestions for a plugin to hopefully disable this on another player's property?

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I used GriefPrevention in my Tekkit (Now Tekkit Classic) Server and it worked just fine with tekkit-specific blocks. I'm not sure if the author has rolled out a tekkit-specific version yet, which comes with unique block IDs preloaded.

Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/grief-prevention/

Edit: I'm currently testing out PreciousStones which is more city-oriented. Will post back results once I've done this.

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