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Problem with Tekkit on server!!


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Tekkita latest version downloaded from the manufacturer. Premium version. Selected tekkit classic. After running on the server normally turns on and there is no problem. I'm going to give you the server everything works Gm fly. But when I want to take some item of some creative fashion. For example, c2 then crashes me an error and crashes me out of the server - the server is still running. Interestingly this happens only in the case of some quest items mods. for example, after taking an item of computer Craft everything works. Another thing is that when you try to recall an item / id, and nickname. Crashes problem that there is no d. (That's only with the fashion items). I would add that after checking the same on the local host has no problem everything works as it should.

ERROR: java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: recv failed

2013-02-05 09:06:36 [iNFO] XFifrokX lost connection: disconnect.genericReason

Please help as soon as possible

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Well, it would be helpful if you provided useful information, such as a plugin list, and a mod list if any additional mods have been added. On a different note, your first few sentences don't exactly make sense... Downloaded from Manufacturer? Tekkit is not manufactured and there is no 'Premium Edition'. When you say latest, do you mean the latest common version (3.1.2) the Latest tekkit classic version (3.1.3) or the tekkit lite edition (.57) (Though I assume not the last one as you mentioned tekkit classic)

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