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[24/7] The Rebellion [Greif/PvP][20 Slots][Factions]

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~The Rebellion~

~No Mercy~

Use Voltz Recommended Build

We are a server that Focuses on War, Greif and All around Havoc, Even our admins get in on the fun and have a compleatly legit base, Out admins are not like other servers, We play alongside our members and only act like admins when someone is breaking a rule (Read below for rules). We make it our goal to create the best War server we can, map resets are rare, we only do them when the map gets too bad. have fun!

*NEW* Donators Features:

Locking Chest and Doors

Shops/Trade post


We have Bukkit!


Website focuses on tekkit and Voltz server.



Factions (Working on fixing it)







1) No Excessive cussing

2)No Anti or Red Matter missile, They are Over Powered.

3)Dont ask for items and rank

4)Respect Admins and Higher Ranks

Disabled Mods:


Banned Items:

Red Matter Missiles

Anti Matter Missiles

Red Matter Bombs

Anti Mater Bombs


24/7 Occasional Maintnace, Restart daily at 12:00AM EST




king_logan, dcomando15


sk8terdude42, WonderfulAxis8

Video Comming Soon

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Thank you Thorda, And Reggie, King_logan has been taken care of thank you for the report, and isaiah We were unexpected by how popular it was going to be and are working on upping the RAM being pumped into the server.

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we just upgraded the systems to a 4 Gb RAM in order to stabilize the server more, We also hopefully will have a spawn soon, we are working on getting a Multiverse Plugin since the one i normally use wont work.

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