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No normal mobspawn behaviour


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i have a tekkit lite server on my computer and have a problem with the mobspawn behaviour.

First off:

MCPC+ #119

Plugins: Griefprevention,PEX,Modifyworld,Sleep,PlayerActivity,MCDocs,MCBan,HSP,FirstJoinPlus,

BetterAlias, PrefixedPlayerList

Bukkit.yml: Monster-spawn: 1 tick (tested 400 too - no changes)

server.properties: difficulty=2 (tested 3 too - neraly no changes 1-2 more mobs)

/gamerule doMobSpawn true

When i am running arround in every biome that exists on my world there is a maximum of 1-2 mobs in every biome.

I have no idea what the reason is. Have you?

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