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Making a Tekkit Gameplay Team


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Hello Fellow Tekkitiers! I'm now here asking anyone who loves tekkit to make a tekkit team with me! Post bellow what you think about playing with me.


- Skype/TeamSpeak;

- I will record or not(Depends if anyone wants to);

- I will start a server soon;

- Must be 14+;

- Must be mature;

Meh... Ill add more Info later on. Maybe even rules.


"Thunder is your only weakness...And i know that"

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I would have 3.1.2 in the title if it wasn't classic. Don't need to go to the mega recruitment thread cuz im not looking for a huge thing...Like a team to make the biggest build in minecraft. And i did read the forum rules. I don't see what's not in the constituition of them -.-

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Well then you ignored them because you signed your post. Also, that is what the thead is about. Have you even read the first post on it? Take a look or get bent. I dont care which.

And what do you mean by "in the constituition of them"? This isn't the American government.

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