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[0.5.7] PDXCraft: Faction PVP|100 Slots|HARDCORE| No banned items!|


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Visit our website http://pdxcraft.net

We are a community driven factions based PvP server. We feel that is important to listen to what the players want, and many of the features you will find on our server are completely unique and based on player feedback.


Server Hardware

Unlikely a lot of other Minecraft servers, we do not use a standard Minecraft hosting company. All of our servers are run on completely dedicated hardware to ensure maximum flexibility, uptime and a lag-free environment for our players.

PDXCraft PvP runs on the following hardware:

Dual Amd FX -8350 (8-Core 4.2 ghz)

128GB DDR4 Ram

1 Gbps dedicated network connection

1 x 620GB Intel Solid state drive for server

3 x 4TB WD drives for backups

Off-country storage for daily backups (located in on my dedicated server in the country of sealand)



  • Factions - Includes custom commands such as /f global to disable global chat and only see factions/ally chat

  • mcMMO - Completely rebalanced, no more overpowered skills or abilities

  • Mob Arena - A completely different arena type featuring unique waves and prizes

  • xpshop- Players can purchase xp @ spawn.

  • AntiCheat++ - Custom built anticheat system

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Heyo um I am at the Latest build and the signature your server gives me is a (1.5) version. and I don't know whats wrong because there's no V1.5 for tekkit. I downgraded to 0.5.7 and it still says the client is out of date. please help?

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