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Connecting Multiple Quarries


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I've been using Tekkit Classic for a few days now, yesterday I finally build my Quarry, and today I builded another one. But I'm having some issues connecting them both to the same piping that's already there from my first Quarry.

I'm building them in the basement, using default size quarries on-and-on, once it's finished moving on, and the piping goes just below the ceiling. Now I wanted to place a second quarry down in the basement, and connect it to the piping that's already been used by my other quarry to take my items upstairs (into a chest -> transposer -> macerator -> furance -> chest)

But once I connect the piping of the second quarry to the first one, 50% of the items from Quarry 1 go to Quarry 2 and overflow the pipe there.

Should I add something to the intersection to prevent items from going from Quarry to Quarry instead of Quarry to Chest?

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The iron pipe is your answer. Place it on the intersection with the see-through part in the direction of the chest. (Wrench it to change the direction of the see-through bit) The only way items will be allowed to pas through is the see-through bit.

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Thanks for the answer! Between now and the time I posted this I tried to experiment a little, and a Diamond Pipe seems to work fine too (putting Pumpkings at the colors Quarry's come from), but I'll suppose I just go for Iron ones then since these are cheaper.

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