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voltz not working


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when ever I go onto the technic launcher and log in with voltz or tekkit light it doesn't work and my account is valid as i can play tekkit classic i have java 64 bit please reply and help me
Same Problem.

My Technic Launcher is stating "checking for minecraft updates" as it has been for the past 20 minutes AFTER the 5 minutes it took to install the zip files and everything. The Voltz launch screen has been a blank white box the entire time. There was a brief moment (within first minute of launch) that a box titled "hello" was present, but it disapeared once I clicked on it's blank white window.


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Without having the issue myself I cannot diagnose the problem directly, but my advice would be:

open windows explorer

in the address bar type %appdata% and press enter

you should now see a folder called .techniclauncher

delete that then run the launcher again.

NOTE: This will delete any saves you have on any of the packs on technic launcher but should fix the problem.

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