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Low FPS issue


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I posted this on another thread and so far have no response.

I am having major FPS issues, whether it be single player, home server, or on my hosted server.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

If it helps my specs and settings are:

AMD Bulldozer FX6100 3.3GHz Black Edition


Onboard GFX - AMD 760

MC Settings:

Graphics - Fast

Smooth Lighting - Off

Particles - Decreased

Render Distance - Normal

Performance - Max FPS

View Bobbing - Off

Advanced OpenGL - Off

Clouds - Off

Also if it helps I have 4GB RAM allocated.

EDIT: OK, the frame rate seems to be getting worse, nothing has changed, I've built nothing and done nothing, just stood in a room while i was setting up to record. the FPS has now dropped from ~15FPS to maxing out at 10, and while recording this drops to 5FPS. I know recording lowers the rate but 5FPS is not possible to play and record with.

Please help.

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