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Hi I am running a whitelisted heavily modded custom modpack which is based off tekkit lite.

It includes ALL the tekkit lite original mods and as such any abuse of mods like mystcraft will result in a permanent ban.

Other mods include;

- Extrabiomes

- Thaumcraft

- Railcraft

- Advanced solar panels

and many more.

Any griefing will result in an instant permaban


- Quarries must be in the ocean, NO EXCEPTIONS

- No pvp unless solicited by both players, if you have agreed to fight someone I will not do anything if they destroy your base.

- All players who get in will be issued with one personal safe upon joining the server, use it.

- If an offense is not too bad then I will Myst exile you - I will elaborate on this if you get in.

- Make sure you have read all the rules.

- Most importantly have fun, don't be an arse and you wont get banned :P

- There are currently 8 slots going free, I might op if I feel you are trustworthy, do not ask to get opped because I will not.

- I am actually quite relaxed about the rules in game, just play and don't do stuff to other people that they don't want and you will be fine :D


- Here is the dropbox link for the custom tekkit pack.


- [WINDOWS] First select tekkitlite and launch to create the folder. Then go to you %appdata% then technic launcher and replace ALL the files in my custom zip into the custom modpack folder your just created.

- [MAC] go to library then application support then technic launcher then tekkitlite - do the same as in windows.


- Please state why you want to be on the server.

Please include your IGN in your post. If you are interested you can contact me on my steam account M^NT AND send me an email at [email protected] so I can contact you when the server is up :P

Many Thanks,


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