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  1. Real life thing? I did not say anything from real life. EDIT: Sorry, I did not know you meant the Himalayas, I thought you meant from my personal life. I'll change it.
  2. IGN: thu1478 Character Name: Thu Character Age: 30 Character Sex: Male Real Age: 14 Real sex: Male Backstory: After being forced out of his monastary, Thu begins an adventure to find out what Notch has in store for him. Using his vast knowledge of magic that he attained from his time in the monastary, he travels the world seeking a purpose in his life.
  3. Ninja, they reset the map because it was corrupted. That's why the resets took so long. After they reset the map, the server went much smoother, with a very low restart time. I agree with your complaints about the server, but because they reset the server now, those problems are fixed. If you want to be recompensated, then just contact me in-game and I personally see to it that you are given items to start you off in the new map. I understand if you wish to quit the server, but I would ask that you think about your decision. I have been on the server almost since the beginning and have seen many map restarts. I know it's somewhat troublesome and disappointing when the map resets and you lose everything, but it's not as bad as it seems. Most people think that the reset took away everything they had. But really, it gave them a chance to start over. They could either stay with the old map and be stuck with the hour long restarts, or they could reset the map and give everyone a chance at a new life. This probably won't convince you to stay, but I hope you will stay anyway.
  4. Let me explain, first you go to the homepage of this website and download the 'Technic Pack Launcher' or something with a similiar name. After you have downloaded it, launch it and you should be presented with a screen. Near the top left of the screen, there is a dropdown arrow, click it. This will enable you to choose which launcher you wish to run( Technic, Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Lite, Voltz, etc.). Choose 'Tekkit Classic". Then log in. After that just go to 'Multiplayer', enter the servers' IP address and have fun. And remember, Reload!
  5. This server has actually turned out to be pretty good. By running all of the anti-grief plugins, there are very few banned items and although the server is relatively new, it already has a pretty good system of management set up. I would recommend this server to all 'tekkit'eers.
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