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How to make diamonds


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My friend knows a way to make diamonds, but won't tell me how.

I'd like to know how he makes his diamonds. We cant use the following mods:

Equivalent Exchange 2 - Pahimar

Ender Storage - Ecu/ Chicken_bones

Nether Ores - Powercrystals

Power converters - Powercrystals

Is there way to make coal-> diamonds without those mods? Or charcoal -> coal? Or how he makes diamonds :D He says it's some coal thing but won't tell me more... Hope you can help me =)

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He's probably using an EE2 condenser. Google it, it can transform more than just that.

He could also be using an EE2 philosopher's stone, which also lets you transform charcoal to coal and gold to diamonds.

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Sorry, misread it and thought that those were what you suspected or something.

Gustav's right, you can make diamonds with a stack of coal and obsidian etc..

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if IC2 can turn charcoal into coal. Check the recipes in NEI.

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