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Weird error in Tekkit 3.1.2


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Server Host: FragNet

Tekkit 3.1.2


Buycraft 4.7

Dynmap 1.3

dynmap-mobs 0.4

Dynmap-essentials 0.4

Essentials (tekkit version) 2.9.2

GroupManager 2.0 (2.9.2) Phoenix

GriefPrevention 5.5.1

Tekkit Customizer 1.5.2

Worldedit 5.4.5

(not including the Tekkit and Bukkit base plugins)

See this:


It looks like a redstone wire is causing physics problems and in turn doing something bad to the world.

I would really need a fix for this, I saw something related before but it didn't destroy my world.

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