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Why can I download tekkit 3.1.3


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Hello all its saying when you go to download a tekkit server recommended download 3.1.2 but the latest is 3.1.3 and im asking why cant I download 3.1.3 because its the latest and I want the latest version ??

Someone please help me

Thank you

-James of XxepicdublinxX

Mod Edit: YouTube link removed. Don't post it again unless it's in the place it's supposed to be.

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You...really don't want Tekkit 3.1.3. It's extremely buggy. It's not recommended for a reason.

If you really want it, I think changing the download link to say 3.1.3 instead of 3.1.2 or something works.

You might also want to read the forum rules, since you broke one there.

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