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Tekkit Elite Server Now Recruiting Staff !!!


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Hello Guys My Name Is Darian And My Friend And I Are Hosting A Tekkit Lite Server

Where Just Asking For Some Good Staff :D And Some Technicians For Our Server

We Don't Want Griefers And Spammers Just People Who Love Tekkit !

If You Would Love To Be Staff Meet Us On The Server And Ask For A Book And Quill

From There Rite Deatails About Your Self

Like Whats Your Name And How Good You Are

On Tekkit Lite And What You Can Do For Us On The Server

Thanks The Ip Is -

Oh Yea We Need A Spawn :/

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Why Did You Caps Every One Of The First Letters Of All Your Words? This Is Very Hard To Do. What Kind Of Patience Do You Have For This? Also, Not The Right Place For This. Also, Why Not Just Have Them Post On The Forums? It Would Be Much Easier Than In Server.

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