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Some few questions about texturing


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Engrish 101: some is more or less the same as few. Go with one or the other in your title.

Google is your friend. I bet you I could find a youtube video that could explain the proces of texture creating in less time than it takes you to get an answer.

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Sorry. I actual ment to add something intelligent to my last post but I forgot. [Derp!]

Look at youtube on tutorials for making and distributing texture packs. Also, in your original post it is hard to make out what it is you are trying to accomplish. Would you mind elaborating your thought proses?

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I would leave it alone as sometimes a program looks for a file and will only look in a specific place like roaming.techniclauncher/tekkit/blablabla/ and would not look for the same file in roaming.techniclauncher/tekkit/. Its like a Digital map for something invisible. If a map lead you to a place where this invisible would be and you expect it to be at the destination, you would be flabbergasted if you find it to not be there but that you had passed it. A human could make the connection and figure out where it was but computers are not that intuitive. It would just spit a "Could not find file (file name) in (where the file was expected to be)".

So in short, just leave it the way it is! :D

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