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Looking for a nice server

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Not sure if i'm posting in the right place, but here goes.

I'm looking for a Tekkit Lite server (with or without extra mods, if it sounds interesting, i don't mind downloading extra stuff) with a mature, active playerbase. By mature, i don't neccessarily mean 18+, but just mature people...i don't feel like having to worry about my stuff being looted/destroyed by some immature jerk while i'm offline.


Cheating (i.e flying, teleports, time command, etc), it just puts me off and feels like the challange is lessened. I don't like it.

KeepAllInventory: I dislike it, period...i put up with it on the server my friend hosts because i enjoy playing with them, but it doesn't feel any less cheap to me when i die and seemingly don't incur any penalties or suffer any setbacks :( That said, i'm not opposed to some sort of respawn system that differs from the default.

WorldGuard plugin/mod is a plus :)

Thanks :)

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