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Machines turned after restart


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hey there,

i have a problem with my tekkit lite. everytime i place a machine, like the generator, and i restart the client, its turned with the front down. when i break and replace it, it faces to the front.

does anyone know what the problem could be?

here are some pictures:



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YEah....this happens alot, and as Casstor said there are lots of posts with "solutions" to the problem. To save you time the "fix" is to upgrade or downgrade your version of Industrial Craft on your server and provide every client that plays on your server with a custom zip file with the version of IC you put on the server. This is a real pain if you ask me. My stance is that as annoying as this bug is, as long as the machines still work properly (which they do) I will wait for the official fix to be rolled into a Tekkit update, which given the amount of complaining about this bug I would hope to be soon.

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