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RAM on Tekkit


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I have 2 Pcs. Both are 10 years old and have been upgraded to a high degree. Each now has 2GB of Ram 3.2GHZ processor and an HD4670 ICEQ cool edition agp GPU. Both decent machines. Minecraft being such a simple game lags quite a bit on them( or should i say tekkit). I noticed today that although the launcher was set to give 1GB of ram to the game it says when you press F3 on the top right corner that it was allocating only 250MB. Is this right or can i increase it?

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Java, as a process, tries to use as much RAM as you allow it to (with the command line or launcher configuration). If, however, you assign it more than you have free (not total), it will default to the minimum allocation, which I believe is 247.5 MB. Try telling it through the launcher that it can use 512MB, or manually edit the launcher config file to give it 768 if you're convinced you have that much free.

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