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  1. You've asked in the general forum. Please redirect your question to the appropriate forum for the modpack in question.
  2. The report button is equally effective, I'd rather not fill out a Captcha every post, and moderating first posts would just be annoying considering the number of people who sign up for strictly bug reports. Anyone foolish enough to fall for the spam post link bait deserves those Ugg boots and the myriad computer issues within.
  3. Please use the bug report forum for solutions to this issue.
  4. If that was any more helpful, I would call it a government. No but seriously, please file a proper bug report in the appropriate section. Then we can help.
  5. Well damn son, I live right out near Cochrane where this space destined potato gun lives XD. I'm apt to question its effectiveness though. You'd essentially need to be achieving velocities much higher than orbital speeds regardless of the overall acceleration by the time it reaches the barrels end. I'm too tired to do any research right now, but does anybody know the current G tolerances that are accepted for satellite launch vehicles?
  6. By not screwing it up, evidently. As I did not build the pack, I can't say exactly what has gone wrong, as the above error reports that every single mod in the entire pack was improperly added and is missing a whole slew of stuff. Frankly, I've never seen it before.
  7. I... What? This question makes no sense. Max modpacks for what? A mode for I to increase this? Please attempt to english again, and we may be able to answer your question
  8. Looks like it was built inproperly. Try rebuilding the pack if its your own creation.
  9. Did you put in the right email? Are you checking your spam folder? Are you connected to the internet?
  10. I have no clue what that is supposed to mean. Goes to a white screen before you can finish? Thats nothing related to this issue at all. Please post your own bug report, and properly fill it out if you want assistance.
  11. I'm sure he appreciates the support, but this was an post from nearly four months back, I'm fairly certain the issue has been resolved since then.
  12. To provide a very simple awnser, we do it because it prevents pirated users from playing minecraft illegally. That is the entire reason we require it. And you can download every. single. mod out there without this. You'd just have to build the packs yourself. Also, please read the forum rules, Signing posts is against it.
  13. Yes, we did. Make a new world. Posting here was little more than a useless bump. The issue has be resolved to the best of our abilities.
  14. Your a developer, you say? So your Java 7 version, its the JDK and not JRE, right? Because JDK has been known to cause issues. If thats the case, I'd recommend removing the JDK and replacing it with the recommended apple version for 7, and seeing if the issue resolves. Tech Jargon time, since you've done java dev. We are getting a reflection invoke error deeper in the report, and that would indicate that something in the calling of the function has broke, as opposed to the function itself, IE java cannot find the normal 64 bit libraries that it wants, as its following the technic pack instruction set for them. JRE has a different structure, from my knowledge, that JDK, which means if JDK is the primary version of java 7, then the directions that technic pack gives would be pointing somewhere completely different, than they would be for regular java. End of tech rant.
  15. Oh jeez, Uh... I'll have to see if I can remember the command lines for Java on XP... Any other tech heads here know them, per chance?
  16. Then the world is likely corrupted. It would unfortunately be a write off, I'm afraid.
  17. Hmm, that is extremely unusual, as I run It with Java 7. Can you verify your using the launcher downloaded from our site, the absolute newest version?
  18. Open windows command prompt, and paste this code: setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true
  19. It won't let you? What sort of error is it giving?
  20. "And its own Dimension" What. What the hell does a Micky-D dimension look like? I kind of want to play this now, just to fathom the silly involved.
  21. This is a minecraft error directly, not a modpack error, but I'd gander its something in 32 bit java throwing a fit. Try updating LWJGL and seeing if that helps, but 32 bit Java is notorious for causing trouble with mods.
  22. I'd assume that you installed the plugin wrong. Please contact the plugin makers, as this is not an official bug with our system.
  23. Does the issue only occur with Sphax installed? Or is it now a persistant issue regardless of installed texture set? Also, advertising in a bug report is usually frowned upon. Lets keep that sort of stuff to the Lets Play Pavilion.
  24. Well for starters make your own bug report, do not commandeer another one. We don't appreciate having to run around putting out multiple support calls on one thread, its just a mess. If you can do that, we can begin helping you.
  25. Do you not have any crash logs, any error reports? Try checking the technic folders to see if any are present. Furthermore, ensure your antivirus is uninstalled, as they usually prevent the launcher from running properly for the first time a pack runs. Finally, 32bit Java is known to be quirky, so ensure your java is 64 bit and not 32 bit
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