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  1. No, vanilla doesn't use forge. Vanilla is vanilla, no added mods of any sort.
  2. Infernal Mobs is throwing the issue, it would seem.
  3. Im sorry 458mb? That is woefully inadequate to run any modded version. Im surprised that could even run Windows. Do you want to double check that your machine only has half a gig? I wouldn't be surprised with code chicken throwing errors due to the low ram.
  4. Hey, at least it cleared out that trippy entity. I'd probably put a sign up in your Twilight Forest warning people that weapons of mass destruction may be present for the future XD.
  5. ... what? Launcher doesn't take an email... Unless your mojang account is an email address, I wouldn't know, I haven't converted.
  6. Well I don't know what happened either because you've been able to provide almost nothing in the way of information, so all I can assume is that the pack is improperly built.
  7. Haha, most of my early power is Steam, which runs just enough juice to fuel a proper lava extractor complex, especially now that there are cheaper portable tanks in TE. I've got to get that low anyways, and then usually branch out with turtles as the muscle, and I follow along exploring caverns and seams they don't get. Suprisingly fun, since Its practical to just tab out when all there is is a turtle, and when you come back, more mining :D
  8. A full error report has been saved to D:\Program Files\ctl7\hexxit\crash-reports\crash-2014-01-08_15.37.20-server.txt - Please include a copy of that file (Not this screen!) if you report this crash to anyone; without it, they will not be able to help fix the crash Please post that as well, Although it looks like the issue is with Dimensional Doors
  9. I couldn't tell you why your reporting discrepancies in all this (I haven't seen it myself in any of my private little packs) But I can tell you I usually dodge the issue by using the NEI as the first mod in the pack. Solving its conflicts work in ALMOST every case... The other cases where non-critical bugs (Item crafting with seeds instead of gold for some reason, but irrelevent for private use)
  10. Thats not particularly descriptive, but this wouldn't be a launcher error, and instead a modpack one.
  11. Syntax error, something has been done wrong in putting it together. This would not be a launcher bug, unfortunately.
  12. If you've got antivirus, Disable it, make sure your logging in with the correct credentials, ect. Generally speaking that error is either the Mojang servers are all buggered for a few minutes, or your antivirus is not letting them talk to eachother.
  13. Can somebody? Probably. But if It crashed, it should have generated an error log. That error log should be edited into the error log section of your report. Then I shall be able to go from "Can help" to "Will help"
  14. Honestly, for most early to midgame power generation, Magmatic engines are a good way to go. Your low level mines should naturally open up into lots of lava pockets, thats potentially hundreds of buckets or more depending on the size of your mines. Late game it can be expanded with a tesseract to the nether for essentially unlimited lava, or replaced with high efficiency nuclear and renewable fuels. Much better than say, coal systems as soon as you can afford the Invar it takes. Solar is stupid expensive to expand to sufficient levels late game anyhow. Magmatic systems look cool, and reac
  15. Please do not hijack bug reports, but post your own instead as to provide all the information we need for further assistance.
  16. Well 32 bit is known to cause all sorts and hosts of problems, none of which we have really been able to 100% pin down, And OpenAL is something that Codechicken tries to access repeatedly. Google for openAL downloads, and let me know how much ram your computer has.
  17. Well yes, because manual setting the version downloads the version, then leaves it. Having it set to recommended causes it to check against the source every single time, as to see if its still the recommended version.
  18. If you have an antivirus, disable it. If issue persists, COMPLETELY uninstall the antivirus instead. Make sure your running as admin as well, which can be done by right clicking the desktop shortcut.
  19. Please put more effort into filling out your error report (Google is your friend) And get back to us with a corrected version. Don't expect us to put our time into solving your problems if you won't put the time in to give us the information we need.
  20. Your running in a Development kit variant, you'll want JRE not JDK. Furthermore, your JDK is only 7.25, so its also out of date. We do not require any content from that log, as the issue is with java, not technic.
  21. I'm sorry, the computer shuts off? Yea, thats not a tekkit issue. Java would have to fail SPECTACULARLY to cause such a death, and even then, you'd get the Bluescreen. Complete and utter random death indicates a fault with your hardware, and due to lack of BSOD I'd reckon its the PSU.
  22. I'm not sure what your referring too. VIP is usually server positions that are either bought or granted. If you've paid for a "VIP" Package with a server, one, your an idiot and get out, but two, you still need to log in with your regular minecraft credentials. If you don't have a proper mojang account, and you've bought a "VIP" thing, tough luck. If "VIP" is in fact a alternative service, or launcher, or pirate setup or whatever, its not supported by technic launcher. And last but not least... Java is out of date, update it.
  23. Alright, first off, reporting two versions of java installed is bad. Uninstall the 32 bit. Its not causing the issue, its just straight up bad for most java related things and WILL bite you in the ass later down the road as dependancies are set. As for your issue, ensure that the mods are actually installed properly, 100%. I can assure you, from personal experience, the technic launcher will only remove extra mods if you say yes when it asks to update. IF the pack you add onto requests to update, refuse it. it will still launch.
  24. Oh man, I read that as "I've been using an xbox 360 to play minecraft" And completely rejected the whole "Controller" Aspect. That is a good question of why, I think its difficult to imagine many things being much better than a mouse when it comes to say, quickly building, mining precisely, or making sure you hit the right mob in a group, ect.
  25. The only two things I can see weird is that OpenAL is missing, and that your running 32 bit java. The startup in that log finds, and uses codechicken just fine.
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