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  1. There are can't keep up errors being thrown, are you sure your server has enough raw power? It might also be the fact that its loading dimension -23, I'm not sure if the game even supports negative dimensions... Finally, your java is out of date, please update it.
  2. Please do not commandeer bug reports, it is frowned upon by the usual tech heads here as it clutters up our attempts to single down problems. Post your own thorough bug report via the submission link at the top of all bug report pages, and we can begin to wittle down your issue. Nasser, please delete your technic folders (All of them in %appdata%) after backing up your worlds. Reinstall the launcher. Before adding any custom packs, see if it works. Then attempt adding this "SG Tekkit" And see if issue occurs again. Because thats the solder pack thats flipping out here.
  3. Custom sound files, usually.
  4. OpenAL is a open source Audio Library. Its more akin to say, a graphics driver than a client changer.
  5. We as far as the Ram goes, he will want to make sure to NOT let minecraft use all 6gb. 2-3 is plenty for most mods. The graphics card isn't likely the issue, but if you do a google search on "How to update my Graphics Drivers" there are a number of simple step by step guides for how to figure out what update you need, and where to get it. As for on-the-go use, the Launcher only needs to connect to the internet once to play with no issues. So have him start up the game before leaving the house, and it will be ready to go all through the trip, so long as he doesn't close the game entirely.
  6. At the top of every bug report page, there is a big link labeled "Submit a bug report" If the issue persists with Vanilla minecraft, please contact Mojang support to diagnose the issue, we specialize in figuring out why mods broke things, and have much less experience troubleshooting vanilla minecraft as a result.
  7. AL Isn't a minecraft mod, but the latest version of OpenAL will be sufficient. Regardless, 32bit minecraft is unfortunately known to simply die and give up for no apparent reason, we've never nailed down exactly what it is that the 32bit system doesn't like.
  8. Assumptions are a huge fallacy in the face of the desire for profits. If curse thinks they can convince people a twenty minute wait to download all your mods is normal for the modded scene, I wouldn't think twice about them trying. Why would they want to offer a very high quality free service, when a lower quality one both drives more ad views as the pages serve up more ads as things load, and drives people to their premium service, where it makes sense to actually use good connections. Thats not on FTB hands to be honest though, thats just Curse's business model. Although I suppose you co
  9. Connection Time-Out. Its something to do with your internet man. Make sure your firewall isn't blocking anything, try running as administrator
  10. Its also possible to use TC to craft tools like the excavator and the hammer, 3x3 block clearing tools that work pretty fast, invaluable for clearing area's before you can afford other tools.
  11. There are numerous guides out there for starting with Linux, but keep in mind, for the most part, Linux is more oriented towards the technically sound. What made you switch over, anyhow?
  12. Well yea, you ran out of memory. In the launcher settings, please up Ram allowed to either 2 or 3gb, and make sure to check off "Increase Permgen" as well, and see if that helps.
  13. Null pointer exception, try updating Java. If that fails, the issue is likely world corruption.
  14. What? Why would you even post that here? Discounting the lazy act of not even including a link, bumping another thread to bump your own thread makes even less sense than straight bumping the thread yourself. We look to help people when we can, but we have other matters in our lives and your technical issues may wait a few days as assorted support folks manage to find 15 minutes to pour over error reports. Please remain patient in the meantime.
  15. Try updating Java, your out of date and the issue being thrown is a render issue, not a block issue.
  16. Do not commandeer bug reports. You will have to make your own bug report if you expect any sort of assistance on this matter.
  17. That sounds like an awful lot of effort for chicken nuggets... I might just walk down to McDonalds instead...
  18. There's lets plays, and there's also usually focused mod reviews that can really help, I wouldn't have figured out AE Without it, easily.
  19. Chefsbrian


    Yogbox is not an official supported pack for the last many, many months. Try Asking in the Millenaire mod's official forum post on the minecraft forums
  20. 10roub, do not commandeer bug reports, please make your own. qhost, I do not know why I should please "UP" For you, or what that means, but I can say that double posting is frowned upon. Regardless, we don't support custom packs, but a quick glance over the error log suggest you'll need to delete and redownload the pack. If issue persists, contact modpack author.
  21. Well lets start at the absolute basics, and try updating your java to a more current version, you are a number of versions behind. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you may want to back up your worlds and reinstall the technic launcher.
  22. Cool. I'll add that tidbit to my list of common checks and fixes. I find it real stupid that they set the default to be refuse, however. Rigging a computer to only run big, signed and verified code kind of defeats the purpose of having an open system that can be changed by the user (IE function altered by running a program).
  23. Cool beans edit man, but when I posted you had referenced a link to a youtube account and spoke about your new channel ect. Regardless, Tekkit is not really "Hard" Per say, just... Alot to take in at once. I find it helpful to focus on learning one whole mod at a time, then the next, ect. Then I start seeing what will work together with what XD.
  24. Uh, nope. Try telling us something about why we should watch your channel, what we should look forward to, what you do, ect. Also helps to have goos number of videos before advertising, I've recently started YouTube videos and I've yet to actually really start spreading.
  25. Modpacks do not offer lunch services. But for proper support, uninstall your antivirus completely
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