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  1. Check to make sure your AV isn't tripping out.
  2. Bah, I remember when sprinting was the only way to move in games. None of this walking stuff. I swear sprint was in beta versions though.... Sprints been around as long as survival and the food bar have been... I might have to look that up come morning.
  3. This would likely be an issue with how the pack was set up then, since your not running proper voltz. Verify that the pack has been built correctly.
  4. Are you using an official version of the technic launcher, or one from a different site?
  5. The only thing I can think of, is if you've either got a protected area in the server, or if you've only built the cells, filled them, but not actually finished them XD.
  6. I'm not sure if i'm misunderstanding, but double tapping forward and holding forward down on the second tap causes sprinting as far back as I can remember.
  7. Hmm.... This is a bit of a longshot, but try forcing the server into peaceful via the config, then booting it up. that 'should' force the game to delete the entity.
  8. Top right, click yer name, contact details, email is the first entry.
  9. Possibly, but the first log indicates the issue is with the mob for certain. The following logs.... well they seem to be confused as to whether it should be alive or not, really XD The block and chain goblin is definately your problem. The quick and dirty fix would be to delete the twilight forest map out of the world folder, or you could try and use a tool like MCEdit and have it regenerate the chunk in question from the seed.
  10. Yea, I'm not really certain that the mob could be the issue, but you did state he was causing people to be kicked whenever observed, including after the initial boot, when he should have been despawned... Because I'm kind of thinking, if he's out there, dying and respawning infinitely, he'd be chucking EXP everywhere, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a cap to the number of orbs that can exist (Why would there ever be that many, right?) and your hitting that cap with this guy. The occasional successful mob may be when you catch him in between spawns.
  11. Its possible that this buggy mob is still tripping out, way out there, and still causing issues, just without killing the server. Would you be able to return to the site, and if you can replicate the crash from that mob, provide the error report caused.
  12. can you list ANY unusual behavior the server either partook of, or suffered from, before the issue was noticed, during the noticing of the issue, and after? Suprise reboots, failure to close properly, server crash, ect?
  13. Out of memory error, ensure that the modpack is being allocated 1-4gb and see if issue persists. make sure no memory hogging programs are running in the background as well.
  14. Tinkerer's construct and optifine are not compatible, period. In the future when modifying packs, do check to ensure compatibility between all involved mods, its all very slippery.
  15. Regardless, the pack needs those things, such as config folder (How does the pack have no configs? That would cause issues because mod blocks don't know what they should be) and mods that add to the .jar file have instructions on how to be added to the pack. Please refer to the modpack building guide for file layouts.
  16. I presume that means it resolved your issue?
  17. Well if you built the pack wrong and know, why are you asking for assistance? Rebuild the pack properly and see if issue persists.
  18. Well without error codes, lets go to the basics. Your java is out of date, update that. Disable your antivirus and/or add technic to the allowed programs list.
  19. You assume its a counter issue. Where in reality, some poor sod is watching his computer melt as it tries to process the serial key #notchesbeardglory, and the horror as NaN proceeds to collapse local reality.
  20. Please provide the full error log. If its that big, use a service like pastebin for it
  21. Use a tool like mcedit to attempt to rebuild the dead chunks. You'll lose the affected areas, but save the rest.
  22. This goes out to everyone whos posted here. DO NOT COMMANDEER threads. Its not helping, it clutters the page up and can drown out the real bug report. For assistance, post your own thorough bug report yourself. So I ask again monkey, is it just one pack or every pack?
  23. What are you trying to prove now, aside from the fact that you clearly fail to understand how the internet and forums work? Valkon and neowulf have basically refuted every point you've made, and you just keep saying the same thing over and over again. I love a good debate, but this is just getting disappointing. Try reading a few articles on how the Internet and network protocols work, then get back to us.
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