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  1. Restart your machine, should refresh ports
  2. Then buy a better laptop, don't expect an old device to run as well as it did when you got it. Machines have limits and become outdated. Im not sure what else you expect from me.
  3. Well Airships are fairly unstable, especially the 1.5.2 version of them, from personal experience the 1.6.4+ versions play well with some mods. Regardless, the errror report above indicates its an issue with Better storage. If you want to try, make sure nobody uses any reinforced chests, lockers, or strongboxes on any ships. Vanilla chests only. See if that helps.
  4. Next time, please at least attempt reading some of the "Error Report" You've provided, as the first few lines say "Show that file, not this screen". All this tells me was that it was a invalid character error. Not where, however, so it amounts to being absolutely useless.
  5. Uninstall your antivirus. Completely. Then launch Technic.
  6. 2014/01/10 22:42:36 [WARNING] Unable to load users from C:\Users\Alec\AppData\Roaming\.technic\users.json because it does not exist. 2014/01/10 22:42:36 [WARNING] Unable to load installedPacks from C:\Users\Alec\AppData\Roaming\.technic\installedPacks because it does not exist. 2014/01/10 22:42:41 [WARNING] Unable to load technic modpacks Yea, that bit? Your packs and user section don't exist. Please back up your worlds, and reinstall the launcher.
  7. Are you using a legitimately aquired minecraft account? Because if his worked fine, and worked fine repeatedly, and yours did not work, and did not work repeatedly, that would indicate that the issue is with your account, as the account check is the first thing to run, well before any mods actually sink their teeth into anything.
  8. Well, this will be interesting. Good to know the reddit is absolutely open to anybody and everybody expressing their opinions. Unless your opinion speaks contrary to their opinion, of course. Is it sad that I am genuinely more excited to see how this pans out over the next few months, as opposed to the next few months of minecraft updates in their entirety? Because I don't need these new stones blocks, but I'd love to see the end result of Curse burning down FTB. I use it myself, I like it, but if this all goes sour, Platform here will become the main pack pile (Barring any competition, o
  9. You speak of upload capacity. Upload capacity of what? Because most internet service providers have absolutely HORRIBLE upstream bandwidth. Which would easily explain one way lag for a server.
  10. If you don't understand the "Technical Bullshit" Then I believe it would be wise to be quiet, and listen to the people who do understand the stuff in regards to what you are asking. And FPS in minecraft is a terrible comparison regardless, as it is barely anything for a modern machine to run. Its the world logic, which occurs in the TPS that strains machines, as most people skimp out on CPU's in favor of the all mighty GPU. And Freak, Props for doing the math, that number amused me greatly XD.
  11. This is absurdly low effort. If you have ran out of memory that means you have assigned insufficient memory to the program. Assign more memory. If you are only able to assign one gig of ram, for example, your issue is with 32 bit java, which can only be resolved by upgrading to a 64 bit operating system, which can handle more memory, allowing you to use 64 bit java which can handle much more memory. Next time please at least TRY and rub a few brain cells together, in combination with google.
  12. 1gb limit is a hard issue with 32 bit java. You'll need to ugrade to a 64 bit operating system and therefore 64 bit java to be allowed to use more than 1gb of ram.
  13. OS: 64-bit Os (x86) Wrong. x86 is 32 bit. You'll need to go and install 32 bit java to your system. Furthermore, a 32 bit java has a limit of 1gb of ram assigned at maximum. That will not be sufficient for most modded servers, even if it is light on users.
  14. I'm sorry, but what the hell is this crap. What is glitching out. What is not working? What has broke? where has it gone wrong? What where you doing when it went wrong? Why do you think Alienware is an OS? Since when is "Latest" A java version? We need numbers. We need details. We need you to actually put some effort into your bug report. *Deep Breath* Please use your edit button to properly fill out the fields above. When that is done we may be able to resolve the issue for you. If you do not know how to figure out something like your java version, Google can provide instructions.
  15. Never, EVER use a technic launcher from another site. Those ones usually are just going to lift a copy of your minecraft account username and password. The current issue with Technic on Mac's seems to be due to a security update in some AV program forcing it to refuse alot of things with no override. If you can post a picture of the error window as it is created from the launcher downloaded off of THE OFFICIAL SITE I can look into the issue further.
  16. That would be an antivirus. Alot of them refuse to run alot of things in the purpose of "Safety" You'll be wanting to either add technic to your AV's allowed programs list, or delete the AV entirely.
  17. Well then you can wait. If you go off and break thirty different things, giving us thirty problems at once will not help us solve them anytime soon. The limit is to prevent spam, I'd gander.
  18. Perhaps you've either misjudged them, or given them bad first impressions before. Its likely they don't hate you, its more likely they just don't care. Never mistake anger for apathy. And if its truely that bad, so much so that it bleeds into your virtual life, why not move? Start fresh. Just like finding a new server.
  19. Thats a bit of a strong reaction to just being called younger. Im only 19, I started playing beta minecraft when I was certainly young. Regardless of your physical age, most servers see what you do, not what you are. Act older by, you know, actually putting effort into things, not overreacting, ect. Not saying you always do any of the above, but thats what you just showed me.
  20. Eh. Curse forums are almost as terrifying as our own bug report forums (less bending going on though, such a shame) but I doubt they care. Shame too, I use FTB as well just for some of their packs. I don't the curse launcher, but if what was said above holds true, I may have to spend even more time here XD
  21. Sorry, I believe you misunderstood me. If you'd read the threads pinned on the section here, you'd see there is a modding guide.
  22. Please reffer to the platform pagoda for more assistance on this matter.
  23. You can use up to 16gb easily, but only if you have 64bit java and a 64 bit os, otherwise 32 bit java can only use much less. Its an access violation that threw, it could be memory shortage related though.
  24. Chefsbrian


    You'll need to uninstall Norton entirely, it does continue to block even when it reports disabled. It doesn't trust its own users.
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