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  1. XD oh man that was awesome. I already know what to draw next. If only I didn't have to work XD Dogs indeed.... I would draw my friends, but it would be a pile of inside jokes.... "Isaac Clarke, Housewife"
  2. I bought It just the week before the Halloween update, a friend at my work introduced me to the game. At first I was very confused watching it on his computer, then when I started playing, it all made sense.
  3. That's about how I felt there. Simply put, that's not even a remote possibility. Aside from completely rewriting every single mod in this pack for the Xbox, your console simply wouldn't have enough power to handle running all the Tekkit mods. Then there's also the Problematic bit where the Tekkit team would need to aquire complete rights to the original minecraft on Xbox, so that they could distribute it with Tekkit. Unfortunately, Modded minecraft on the Xbox simply isn't likely to happen within this console generation.
  4. There we go.... Finally got one. I'm not all that good at drawing though XD. My friend did that himself, he was getting angry that the server config was messed up because his uranium ingots wouldn't make uranium armor....
  5. Wow, that is some amazing work Soupa! I must admit, this has me quite tempted to draw a few pieces of my own for this thread.... In the meantime, Enjoy your Copics, and Moogle, Have fun with the Tablet! I use a basic little Wacom Bamboo myself, gets the job done XD.
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