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[3.1.2]Sickly Ink[PvP/Grief/Raid] [Essentials, Factions] [NO BANNED ITEMS!!]


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Sickly Ink


IP: sicklyink.no-ip.org



1. Don't grief administrative buildings!

2. Duping is not allowed. (Undermines Server Economy)

3. Keep Swearing To A Minimum!

4. Please don't be racist, you will be banned without any warning.

5. If you catch someone hacking, post a video (or screenshots) on the website.

6. Don't talk in CAPS or Spam (There is no tolerance for it)

7. If you are caught hacking/xraying (basically the same) you will be given a warning. (3 warnings = an autoban)


Banned Items:




1. Essentials

2. Factions

3. Auto Rank (The Longer you play the higher rank you will recieve, The ranks include better permissions, and better kits)

4. Shops Plugin



New Tekkit Anarchy server (Griefing and Raiding ENCOURAGED ! ) We use factions to make the server have more of a team feel to it. We have great rewards for voting (1 rm and 1 dm, 9 diamonds, 10 pieces of Cooked Chicken, and 100$ in-game cash). There are NO BANNED ITEMS!!!! This server is here for you to have fun. So what are you waiting for?? JOIN TODAY !


Uptime: As up as an Anarchy Server Can Be :)



The community at Sickly Ink is fairly friendly, but you do always get the occasional player who rages over a Grief/Raid. Other than that the server has a friendly and inviting community.


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