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[1.0.13] ChickenCraft [PvP/Raid] [20 slots] [24/7] [No-lagg] [Factions]


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1. What is your in game name: happy900

2. Why do you want to be a mod? : because i have been playing for a while and i like helping people on the server (witch i have many times)

3. Do you have any experience with moderator/admin rank? : yes i have been on a server and been mod and i own a server

4. If happy900 and brotato are fighting about happy blowing up brotato's base. What would you do/say as moderator? : i would ask happy why he blow brotatos base up but then say happy say sorry but this is a full pvp and raid

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I would of recommended his sever until I notated the bad admin and mods.

Because of this I have been put off this server thanks to an admin called Lgas

If you see him whilst playing this server try to avoid him as he will kill you instead of helping with problems

What happens to me was...

I was playing per usual enjoying my time on the server with my friends then i started lagging so i disconnect from the server. Then i see Lgas in my house with his friend robbing my pressious items such as diamond and emeralds launch pads etc they were equipped with obsidian swords killing me as I tried to ask them to leave. So please watch out for curtain admin such as this- Thank you

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