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[TLite 0.5.9] [WIP] BATTLEWOLF Public Server [100 Slots] [Chunk Protection] [Survival] [Grey List]


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The BATTLEWOLF Tekkit Lite server is still a work in progress, this means there may be issues you can encounter, but we will listen to all the complaints that you have and try to solve them ASAP. Begging for ranks will get you nowhere.


Instant Ban's will be awarded for:

• Hacking / Glitching.

• Griefing a Players Protected Region with the use Items that Ignore Regions.

• Hate Speech / Racism.

• Claiming to be Staff / Admin.

You have 3 Strikes for all the below: ( please note: the strikes stack and are logged)

• Claiming Random Chunks.

• Advertising Non-BATTLEWOLF Servers.

• Chat Spamming / HelpOP spamming / Block Spamming

• Sharing Personal Information of Others.

You may only join if you have read and agree to all the rules listed above. Please note there may not be signs at spawn telling you the rules, but they will still be enforced as they are mostly common sense.

Server IP: mc.battlewolf.com:25584

Server Images:


This is currently the servers spawn village, this may change as we get feedback from our new players

Notice: To be able to build you must sign up to our site and link your Minecraft account. Linking your account is done through ENJIN and we are not to be held responsible for any issues you encounter.

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