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  1. It allways says Cant Reach Server when i type in play.feedthebones.com!
  2. Name:Rob Minecraft Username:miners0926 Age:13 Preffered Tekkit Mod: IC2, EE, or Redpower 2 Are You Banned From Any Servers(y/n) n
  3. OK, i have been banned for over a week and i was banned for advertising, my screen name is miners0926
  4. oh thanks man this server is boss, looks like im back in the game cornbeneck
  5. jud9999 was back today..... not fun, no need to rollback though it didnt grief this time, just killed, then left
  6. nerevar pls man its jud9999 grifing the server, spawn, everything, rollback ROLLBACK
  7. so instead of rolling back and fixing it you decide to bosh the server and keep it to yourself and lie about what happened, your a nice server admin, i see why you where chosen
  8. hey whenever i try to log in i crash pls fix dont know it it was me i have been on before might something? dont know but i want to join
  9. same here it keeps crashing my mine craft when i try to get 2 the server and he nuked our base so many times all of what ricardo says it true
  10. didnt know i couldnt advetize i was banned uppreciate it if it was a temp ban but..
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