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Dayrider's Ore Fantasy


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Welcome to Dayrider's Ore Fantasy! Let's check it out:

Description:Dayrider's Ore Fantasy adds new and excotic ores! These ores range from Ruby to Platinum! Anything can happen with Dayrider's Ore Fantasy!

What kind of new ores are there? To answer that it is Ruby, Crystal, and Platinum. Are there any new tools? Well yes and no. We created the same basic tools as there would be in minecraft like we have a Ruby Sword, Crystal Axe, and Platinum Shovel, and more! Are there special items? Well yes and no again. We added tools on what we call "special". We added Emerald tools and sword! Now Emerald has a use and Minecraft other than being traded with villagers.


Sorry but we do not currently have any videos. Anybody with a youtube account please contact Dayrider at [email protected]. Please title the reply with "Ore Fantasy Video". We would like videos for:

1. Installing

2. Reveiw

What is in this mod?:

Good question! We will answer this to our best of our abilities!

We have added Ores (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby)

We have added New Gems (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby)

We have added New Tools

1. Swords (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby, Emerald)

2. Pickaxes (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby, Emerald)

3. Axe (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby, Emerald)

4. Shovel (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby, Emerald)

5. Saw (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby, Emerald)

6. Hoe (Platinum, Crytal, Ruby, Emerald) (Bug!!)


To install Dayrider's Ore Fantasy follow these steps (Sorry no video included):

1. You must have Forge Modloader installed in Minecraft. If you do not please download it and install it. Here is a website http://www.minecraft...loader-fml-mod/

2. Go to start and type in %appdata% then go to your .minecraft folder.

3. There if you have Forge Modloader (FML) you will see a Mods folder. Open the folder.

4. Copy and paste the Zipped Mod Folder

5. Launch Minecraft and Enjoy!

Download Link:



Found Bugs:

1. Hoes do not work. Working on deleting Hoes and will work on Hoes on later versions.

2. Platinum and Crytal spawn to close together and is in one heap

3. Too much Platinum and Crystal spawn overworld

If you come across a bug that we do not know please report it. Thank you!

Not Compatible with:


If you find that this mod is not compatiple with another let us know. Thank you!

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