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Builder/Architect Table, Template/BluePrint


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Good Evening,

Currently having some troble getting the builder to create my template of my powerstation.

I got the Architect table to draw onto both a Template & a BluePrint When placeing the Blueprint into the Builder it creates the black and yellow out line of the area, it tells me the items that are required and i've added them, i've hooked up the power yet nothing happens, tried using the template and nothing, Any ideas?

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If you get a chance do me a favor and test if fillers are able to fill land. The server I am playing on is currently having issues with blocks placing other blocks. When it comes to removing blocks (fillers clear template, turtles digging, etc...) everything works fine but once you ask them to place block it stops working. When I test it, the device thinks it is working (turtle.place() returns true, filler turned green) but it isnt doing anything but wasting power. This sounds similar to what your experiencing with the builder issue. If you are using like we are, I am just going to say you should assume its a bug that should be fixed by recommended release (dont quote me on that).

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I have a very similar problem - I can create the template from an architect table but the black and yellow line doesn't even appear when i place the template or blueprint into the builder.

In fact when I use a blueprint, it seems is if it's blank - it materials needed box is empty.

As Gloix mentioned above, it works fine in SSP.

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