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The Tekkit Quest! --- Tekkit Puzzle Map!


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Hi! This is my first map! I already post this to minecraftforum.net but it not have very much interest,so I will try here.

This map only have 25 rooms! I will make more if I have enough positive feedback!

Current Version: 1.3 See change logs below.

Modpack: Tekkit Classic 3.1.2


Start roomuRbia.pngAll map (Have 25 rooms.)GAxHZef.pngPicture of some rooms.F9eCz.png

Download: Mediafire Dropbox

Download patch update: Mediafire Dropbox

(Note : It will start from room 21.)

Download target:

10 Reached!

20 Reached!

50 Reached!

100 Reached!

200 Reached!




Version Update

v. 1 (2/1/2013) -First released

-10 rooms-All rooms tested.

v. 1.1 (4/1/2013) -Bug fixes introduced in version 1

-Add overclocker upgrade to all IC2 machines.(For faster working.)

v. 1.2 (7/1/2013) - Add 10 rooms

- Add patch update from version 1.1 (This map type will start from room 11.)

v. 1.3 (5/5/2013) - Add 5 rooms

- Upload file to dropbox for alternative download.


Room 1-10


Room 11-20


Room 21-25

Coming soon! (Waiting for internet bandwidth to upload the video.)

Known Bugs

Not yet

Thank you! Feedback is welcome! Please report any bugs you found!

Note: I'm sorry for the wrong Grammar, I'm not very good at English.

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