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http://youtube.com/user/christiansalvatore1 -My YouTube Channel

Episode 1 "Radiation Poisoning"

In Tekkit Lite, I, MechSoldier (Christian Salvatore), accompanied by the commentary of my brother and the usual person on Skype with me, explore the land of tmekcraft, a public server I've been playing on. It starts off in the aftermath of a nuclear reactor explosion, crippling my house. I managed to survive only by a single health potion and a hazmat suit. From there, I work on rewiring the house, go somewhat insane, and end up moving out to take over a stronghold.

A typical episode is 18 minutes long

Current amount of episodes posted: 5 1/2

People involved: MechSoldier, Ross, Christicus, Stormtrooper (if I can get him to play -_-)

Few notes: My microphone hates it when I get loud, so that would be the annoying feedback

Programs used: Hypercam2, Cyberlink Powerdirector 10

If one wishes to JOIN me, I have a hard time trusting a person, not to mention the server's full enough already, so unless I know you, don't expect me to be so willing to share server info and allow you into my claims

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