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[1.1.0]Silver Server[FACTIONS][PvP][70 Slot!] NO MAP RESETS!


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Server IP:



Hello! I would like to introduce the new server on the block, Silver Server! With ton's of features, plugins, great admins\mods.We are continually growing, we have a 70 slot server hosted on Beastnode. This means NO LAG.

Formerly Mine Craft Overload (MCOverload)

Our biggest feature, is our policy on map changes. We actually test updates Voltz releases before updating our server, so we might not update to new versions. We will work our hardest to keep the maps the same between updates. If this means we have to manually change all the block ID's with WorldEditor to the ones they are supposed to be, so be it. We back up the maps every 10 minutes, and I daily, personally, download a copy of the map onto my personal computer.

How we combat the bugs in 1.1.0:

Post tutorials on our website (www.mcoverload.enjin.com, soon to be updated to new domain)

Anything you cannot craft, we will offer it for sale in the shop.


No Hacking

No Disrespecting Staff

No Spamming

Admin\Mods word is final.

1.1.0 is a surprisingly stable release, as far as I have seen. I only know of two bugs, one is control\basic circuit glitch, the other one is the battery glitch. We will have tutorials on how to fix both in our forums, as well as signs at spawn letting players know about the bugs.





-Show Case


-Cookie Monster

-Buy Craft

-Nothing Banned

-World Border

The spawn\shops are a WiP.

We are recruiting mods\admins


-16+ On Age

-Common Sense

-Even Tempered

-Computer Knowledge is a plus.

Post in the thread with the following format if interested

In Game Name:



Computer Knowledge?:

Why you Feel you would be a good staff member:

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In Game Name: littleshockz

Experience: I have been an admin before on a tekkit server and wanted to join in on voltz as it is the new tekkit


computer knowledge: I have built my own computer and set it up I also used Linux for a while but am back on windows but know a lot about Linux so I can help if someone is using Linux but also love to help people out on minecraft

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In game name: owentheunicorn

Experience: I have been an admin on this server, I have been a moderator on a vanilla minecraft server, also I have been a moderator on a tekkit server. I have played voltz since it was released.

Age: 18

Computer knowledge: I currently am taking computer courses in school and know a light amount of coding, plus I use different softwares on different computers so I understand windows,etc.

I feel I would be a good staff member because I like team sports and activities along with helping other people with life problems and in game problems.

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In game name: Plautinumtoast

Experience: I have no experience being the mod or admin of a server; however, I am a fast learner and would like to help this server prosper because I like how it is set up and the direction it is heading.

Age: 18

Computer Knowledge: Currently enrolled in computer programming classes, thorough knowledge of Windows OS. Built My current Computer.

I feel that I would be a good staff member because I care a lot about the things I put effort in to, if I was given this opportunity I would work my hardest to make sure that the sever runs smoothly in the owners absence.

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In game name: Apandability

Age: 17

Experience: Although I have no direct experience with running a server, I am currently enrolled in a computer hardware and networking class and would like to put my knowledge to the test.

Computer Knowledge: I have build a few computers and am quite good at fixing them. I am also quite familiar with networking commands.

I would like be a staff member so I can help you guys keep the server running at full capacity.

P.S. Even if I don't become an admin feel free to ask me about any technical issues you are having and I will most likely be able to get back to you with in a day or two.

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