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looking for help as want to start new voltz server


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Could you learn how to text, maybe? Also, Could you actually find time in your day to do something other than yell at someone you don`t know for wanting to type a sentence quickly? Hmmm? Think on that.

That is not how you are supposed to text. Shortening words by a few letters is a completely ridiculous "fad" started by teenagers. As if they didn't have the extra 2 seconds to spell the word correctly. I didn't "yell". Because it's impossible to yell with written words. You can try to express yelling with excess exclamation-points, and all capitol letters. But as you can see, I did not do that. If he was serious, and really wanted help with something as technical and time consuming as a Voltz server, he should spend more than 20 seconds on it. And at the very least spell correctly.

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