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Hi mroberts6 here, I am opening a Tekkit Lite server and would <3 for you to join. If you join the website and fill out the member form its a good way to rank up. After your member you can work your way up! I spend around 2-4 hours everyday with the technical stuff to increase the enjoyment of my players! :) The disabled items are Nukes, and Industrial TNT. The only mod that is disabled is mystcraft.

Basic Server Info:

IP: tekkit.miningunlimited.us (OR

Website: www.miningunlimited.us

Screenies: ILCplFY.png



Inside Spawn

Staff: mroberts6

Plugins: Essentials, Tekkit Worldgaurd, and Lockette

Ranks: Default, Member, TechWiz, Moderator, Admin

TechWiz is earned by being good at surviving and with machines!

I need help with the website, it would be great if you could help me :P

Ram: 4GB

No Lag

40 slots

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