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need help finding and installing mods


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I have just started up a fairly small tekkit server about a month ago and I need some help finding and installing some mode. These are the mods that I would like...

World edit





Grief prevention


Can someone tell me how to install these on tekkit without getting the invalid craftbucket error. Do I need to update bukket, or downgrade my mods? If I need to downgrade my mods, how do I do this. Also where can I get all o fhe mods updated once I downgrade them

Sorry but at the moment I am clueless


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Well the big issue will be that most of those plugins are likely 1.4.6 versions, so you'll need to get a hold of the 1.2.5 versions to install them into Classic. Aside from that, just follow their provided install instructions.

Keep in mind that signing your posts is against the forum rules, reading them would be a good idea.

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