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Energy collector wont work when outside of chunk


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Hey, i got a little problem.. i have this contraption where i basicly have a bunch of energy collectors wrapped around anti-matter relays, which then again which then again surrounds a energy condenser... if you dont know what this does, is that it makes EMC, which i can spend on the item which lies inside the energy condenser. when i got this up and running, and i leave the chunk, or the area (a bit far away from the contraption, it doesnt do anything. If im away for an hour, i still got the same amount as i had when i left it. But if im close to it, it will keep on producing. Is there any way of keeping this going while im away mining in other parts of the world? (Im playing single player) Thanks for help! - Ponies

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You'll be wanting a chunk loader. Search it up in NEI, it basically just keeps the area you select around it loaded, so they keep working. Keep in mind, the more of them you have going, the more stress on the machine, so don't use too many of them.

Also, Don't sign your posts, thats against the forum rules. I'd advise reading them.

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