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Factory Analysis (with video) need help

Matt M

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I need some help fixing one of the last remaining problems for my factory. Basically I have a set of about 20 diamond chests that are loaded with raw materials needed for the ACT (automatic crafting tables). Then the ACTs are connected to these chests through retrievers and retrievulators. These geed into chests next to the ACTs. I have about 20 ACTs. The issue is let's say 3 of the ACTs require rubber. What I'm seeing is only 1 or 2 of the ACTs are getting rubber, and the other is not.

I have a feeling this is due to the way pneumatic tubes work, but my scouring of the wikis hasn't lead me to a conclusion yet.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Edit: One solution I've found which is less than ideal, is to disable the redundant items. For example I'm making energy crystal but the ratio of them to other components is very small, maybe 1 for every 100 of everything else. So I can just turn off that particular ACT, and this free up the pneumatic tubes for the other requests. This works, but is not ideal, but it takes out the automation. I would like to just turn it all on, walk away, and then come back and collect all the goods. Once again any help is very much appreciated.

Edit #2: Still not working. I have a chest full of energy crystals and yet the ACT needing them is not getting them and the retriever is set to pull it but is not pulling it. I've uploaded a video to youtube which shows the plant, so that you might be able to better help. Thanks again!

At the back is the source of generating EMC for the energy condensers, followed by holding chests for the condensed items, which are then moved to holding chest for the entire plant. These chest also hold items made by the ACTs and needed for other ACT operations.

Below is the collection system for the ACTs powered by buildcraft redstone engines and tubes. There is also a purge vavle underneath which is useful for flushing the plant of items when reconfiguring it to make something else. These chest feed into a recycler hidden behind the wall. This is partially for the move to Tekkit Lite one day, where I can reconfigure everything to use UU-matter instead.


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