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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I remember reading that when Tekkit was launched (the space version) that all work on Tekkit Lite was going to be ending. There were several maintenance updates on the ARS mod. Being that only being able to use one forcefield core per world is a pretty serious glitch I just figured that someone would have fixed it relatively early. Because I wasn't actively looking for the fix for the past 2 years, I was hoping that one had been found, and this post would lead to finding out what it was. Thanks again for your feedback!
  2. I know that a lot of things where changed. I'm mainly interested in getting an empty structure made out of redstone lamps, redstone wire, information panels, glass fibre wire, MSFU, HV solar arrays and blocks that I know exist in both versions. I'm only interested in converting this one thing. I've used MCEdit to insolate the chunk and put it in a map that is just it. So I'm looking to convert that chunk back to Tekkit Classic, then copy it into the Tekkit Classic world, to save myself about 6 months of construction time. Any help would be appreciated. It should be noted that originally I was able to use mldas to convert the tekkit classic world into the world I'm now trying to convert back. I know it's possible, just need help generated the patch file, etc. Thanks for any help and or feedback.
  3. Has no one honestly not noticed this bug? This is like the first thing I noticed when Tekkit Lite came out, and I had hoped that it would be fixed, but apparently it wasn't brought the developers attention, and he's already moved on.
  4. The bug being that only one forcefield core would successfully link with projectors? Thanks for any feedback!
  5. It sounds like people should be mad at IC2 for letting their mod decay. It is unfortunate, because IC2 is what really drew me to Tekkit to begin with. That said I've got a Tekkit server up and running. It nuked a lot of stuff in my Lite world, so I'll be waiting for a convertor to try it again. Also I'll stick with Lite for now, until Tekkit has a bit more support (forum wise) and more expertise. I really am pumped for galactic craft, and the new factory based mods sound awesome. Given the sheer amount of effort I've put into my factory and underground lab, I'm in no real rush to convert until I know how and that I can. Once again thanks Technic team for your efforts! PS: I do hope RD2 get's their act together and can be readded at a later date. 2d
  6. I'd like to chime in here as well. Despite the mod push back, I think threads like this serve the public better. Obscurity should not be held against the average user who does not have the resources to delve into issues further. What I have found on my small 0.6.1 server is that you can have more than 2 forcefields, BUT as soon as you disable one, the bugs start happening. I for example have my shields wired up to a NOT gate and wireless receiver to allow them to be brought down, when necessary. As soon a shield is remotely deactivated the issues start rearing their head. When I have some time I'm going to dig into the ARS source and see if I can find a cause. I don't expect I will unless it's just a glaringly huge oversight. At any rate, if anyone comes up with a work around, please share it with us.
  7. I'm not saying that it is a must for change logs to be made more visible, but will say that adding them some where to the platform launcher would be a good thing. similar to the change log when using the vanilla Mc launcher. anything that provides a more complete and polished image would certainly help lite to gain and maintain users and visibility. I love tekkit but it too me way too long to find it. just food for thought.
  8. SO I was excited because I heard force fields were working in 0.6.1, and in the beginning they where, but what I'm noticing is that if you have several forcefields, controlled by wireless receivers and NOT gates, the shields will bug and not reactivate. I'm tried updating the repulsor config file to lessen the refresh rate, but no dice. Does anyone else have a similar issue? Has anyone figured out how to make them work with out bugging? Does anyone know if future version will be addressing this. Thanks and thanks and thanks. But a special thanks to the Tekkit crew.
  9. Use the modular powersuit, with the jetpack installed in the chest piece, and the z flight control in the helmet, and you'll have the same thing as the rending gale.
  10. The launcher and client have nothing to do with server crashes, as the crash is at startup and not dependent on client connections. There is a problem with the latest bukkitforge and 0.6.1.
  11. Anyone have bukkit working on a 0.6.1 server? If so could you fill me in on what version you used? Thanks!
  12. No, I mean a answer that is more definitive that what I had found. Ie: A developer or someone attached to the processor verifying what everyone has suspected. Trying to assume what someone meant on the internet is an exercise versed in folly. Best not to assume. At any rate, thanks for your help. Another question I have not answered by the wiki is can the energy bridges be stopped by a redstone signal?
  13. yeah I looked it up. just seeing if anyone has a better answer then what I could find. the energy bridge will work just annoying because I need 3 blocks at each point when I only needed 1 before.
  14. does anyone know why they are no longer there? and if they are planned to come back? thanks!
  15. MCMA might have a hook you can set to have it look for a shutdown flag, and then have it run a set command through the GUI. I'm sure it's possible, but I'm fairly certain it's not going to be from the vanilla server abilities.
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