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Need Builders (Will get reward)


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[update] Since the creation is finished we dont need any builders anymore, thanks for the help guys!

I've had a doubt about posting the results here because the planning is to not reveal anything before we launch, But Ill make an exeption this time.

So, by here Ill present the results wich are no more then just a fraction of the gameplay wich could be found in the upcoming TAC server.


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If you don't mind giving me some guidance here and there I'd like to help. If my inexperience becomes a burden I'd be happy to bow out. I'd just like to check out the build and help however possible.

MC name: TKATech Skype handle: Kalei50


EDIT: Oops, I didn't see the update about not needing any more builders. Mods please delete, I didn't see the option to do it myself. Thanks.

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ill help i suck with techno crap but other dan dat im nice and good sorry im talking weird im just trying to type faster so yeah and um i have a questiion how you download maps like this? :( sorry im a noob!

This creation has already been finished, the co-owner also decided he didnt wanted anyone to help anymore since we nearly completed it. This was quite a while ago. We also stopped developping the server since about 2 months. In about a month I will pick it up again.

Anyway, this creation wasnt downloaded. I've made it for about 80%, The idea came from the co-owner and basic architecture was done by me, the interieur was all in co-oporation with the co-owner. Anyway when the server is online you guys are more then welcome, You'll notice soon enough when I post an server launch topic. We are also running out of admins and moderators. So we will take a look, the first months if we could promote someone to admin.

Anyway, it will take some time before the server launch comes.

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