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How do I get Essentials and WorldEdit on my Lite server 5.8.1?

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Hi there,

I tried a search first but I'm afraid my answer is buried somewhere in a 25 page thread about forgebukkit... I'm really sorry if you think I'm wasting your time with this but a quick shout out to a few friends has convinced me a lot of people would like to see a simple, searcheable one post answer. :) The version numbers and the myriads of mods make it hard to be confident while doing this.


How do I get Essentials and WorldEdit on my Lite server 5.8.1? And what problems could I experience?

As far as I was able to find out, I need Bukkitforge. Can any of you who have been succesful in this please provide me with a working link for the right version that I will need?

Then I read I have to make a plugins folder, and throw the plugins in there. Is this correct?

Then I need a special version of essentials... Probably named ForgeEssentials... But, which version? There seem to be a gazillion of them, and I don't know which one I should take... So please can you link me up to the right download for 5.8.1?

And then, worldedit. Same questions... What version, where will I get it?

After this, is there anything new I should be aware of? I read something about permissions not working, is this a showstopping disfunctionality or will it work as long as I don't use it muchly?

This is probably very easy for some of you so please convert any annoyances you may experience into the energy to reply to this with the right instructions please. Thank you in advance.

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