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Redpower Deployer not working


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when i build a deployer on my server it isnt working. I know that Redpower has to be op but it still dosent work. I am using MCPC+ #202 and Griefprevention as my Region Protection plugin and PEX for permissions.

I tried:

- /op [RedPower]

- /trust (and /accesstrust) [RedPower]

- giving [RedPower] permissions '*'

Nothing helps. The deployer doesnt place any block in and outside claims.

BTW: The blockerbreak works fine.

Can you help me plz?

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I don't know the specific commands for the region protection plugin you are using, but you need to add the player [redpower] or [Redpower] to the region. This is the case in every other protection plugin I've used, including faction, towny, world guard, and residences. The same goes for buildcraft machines, you'll need to add [buildcraft] or [buildcraft] to the region as a player.

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